Individual Adjusters and Adjusting Companies Licensed in Ontario

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) issues licenses authorizing companies to conduct business as an adjusting company. Those wishing to become adjusters must be sponsored by an adjusting company.

Licences are issued for a one year term. A person who acts as an adjuster without being licensed is guilty of an offence under the Insurance Act and may be prosecuted for such violation.

The listing contains a record of all adjusters and adjusting companies who are currently registered in Ontario, or whose license has expired within the last three months. The listing is for information purposes only. Further verification can be obtained by faxing 416-590-8472, Attention: Licensing & Market Conduct Division or, you may write to: Licensing & Market Conduct Division, Financial Services Regulatory Authority, 25 Sheppard Ave W, Suite 100, North York, ON M2N 6S6.

Please report any errors or discrepancies by writing or faxing the above addresses. Information regarding any person/organization claiming to be an adjusting company and who is not listed here, should also be reported.

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